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Madame Alexander Dolls For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS 3 Madame Alexander International Collection05/28/15
   3 Madame Alexander International Collection
Selling 3 Madame International Collection dolls. In great condition. Have just been sitting in the boxes for years. Have ...

FS Dolls 05/19/15
My mother and I have a collection of Madams Alexander Dolls and have decided to part with these select dolls: I am willi ...

FS Sweet Baby #363104/19/15
  Sweet Baby #3631
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Mint condition, ...

FS Rebecca 158604/19/15
  Rebecca 1586
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Mint condition, ...

FS Poor Cinderella 154004/19/15
  Poor Cinderella 1540
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Mint condition, ...

FS Marme 132404/19/15
  Marme 1324
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Elastic on hat ...

FS Israel #56804/19/15
  Israel #568
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Minor stain und ...

FS Heidi #158004/19/15
  Heidi #1580
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Mint condition, ...

FS Degas Girl #157504/19/15
   Degas Girl #1575
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Elastic on hat ...

FS Argentina #57104/19/15
 Argentina #571
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Minor stain und ...

FS Alice #155204/19/15
   Alice #1552
Madame Alexander Doll with original box and tissue paper. Asking price is my best guess. Offers welcome. Alice 1552 - Ti ...

FS 7 1/2" Bride Doll- Good Condition04/12/15
     7 1/2" Bride Doll- Good Condition
She has a white dress, white veil, flower bouquet, garter, and pink shoes with a rhinestone. She has dark hair. She is i ...

FS 7 1/2" Betsy Ross Doll- Perfect Condition04/12/15
  7 1/2"  Betsy Ross Doll- Perfect Condition
She has a blue and white dress with a white apron, white bonnet and she is holding a red and white striped flag. She is ...

FS 7 1/2" Finland Doll- Perfect Condition04/12/15
    7 1/2" Finland Doll- Perfect Condition
She has a black dress with multi-colored trim. She has blonde hair and a red beret, with black shoes. She is in the orig ...

FS 7 1/2" Spain Doll- Perfect Condition04/12/15
  7 1/2" Spain Doll- Perfect Condition
7 1/2" Spain doll. She has a red and black ruffle dress, with a black lace scarf over her black hair. She is in her orig ...

FS 7 1/2" France Doll- Perfect Condition04/12/15
  7 1/2" France Doll- Perfect Condition
7 1/2 " France doll. She has a black and white striped dress with a yellow overlay, with lace. She has a white hat and b ...

FS 7 1/2" Italian Doll- Perfect Condition04/12/15
   7 1/2" Italian Doll- Perfect Condition
7 1/2" Italian doll with red and green dress, with gold trim. She has black hair and a straw hat with flowers on it and ...

FS 12" Heidi Doll in Perfect Condition04/12/15
  12" Heidi Doll in Perfect Condition
12" Heidi doll in perfect condition. She has a green floral dress, with a white apron and straw hat. She has blonde brai ...

FS 8" Little Women Meg Doll - Perfect Condition04/12/15
  8" Little Women Meg Doll - Perfect Condition
8" Meg from Little Women series. She has a lavendar and white gingham dress, with a white apron. She has blonde hair and ...

FS 13" Gone With the Wind Doll - Perfect Condition04/12/15
  13" Gone With the Wind Doll - Perfect Condition
13" Gone With The Wind (Scarlett O'Hara doll) in perfect condition. She has a white, ruffled dress with green velvet bel ...

FS 13" Sleeping Beauty Doll in Perfect Condition04/12/15
  13" Sleeping Beauty Doll in Perfect Condition
13" Sleeping Beauty doll, with gold ballgown, gold crown in her long, blonde hair. She has gold shoes and is in her orig ...

FS 13" Snow White Doll in Perfect Condition04/12/15
  13" Snow White Doll in Perfect Condition
13" Snow White Doll in perfect condition with original box. She has a beautiful white dress, with silver and white spark ...

All five dolls are in exceptional condition for their age. The only defect that I can detect at all is that Annette's (D ...

FS HUGE Madame Alexander Doll Collection FOR SALE03/29/15
  HUGE Madame Alexander Doll Collection FOR SALE
Over 170 dolls, most still in original boxes, my mother collected the dolls and has downsized her living situation and n ...

FS Collector's Doll From the Bradford Exchange03/29/15
       Collector's Doll From the Bradford Exchange
This is a beautiful collector's doll from the Franklin Mint. Except for not having the box it came in, it is like new an ...

FS Yellow Rosebud Huggums Doll01/27/15
  Yellow Rosebud Huggums Doll
12" Yellow Rosebud Huggums Doll. Mint Condition...in Box. Asking $65.00 ...

FS Little Red Riding Hood01/27/15
  Little Red Riding Hood
25970 Little Red Riding Hood...8" Mint condition....in box Asking $45,00 ...

FS Marley's Ghost01/27/15
  Marley's Ghost
Marley's Ghost from Christmas Carol Collection. Mint condition....in box. 8" with blue eyes 17279 Asking for $47,00 ...

FS Madame Alexander Dolls.02/12/15
   Madame Alexander Dolls.
I have the following Madame Alexander Dolls. In mint condition. Still in boxes. Most still have tags still on arms: Gon ...

FS Madame Alexander Collection01/04/15
  Madame Alexander Collection
Selling my deceased wife's( high end collector) entire Madame Alexander Collection.250+ dolls. Key words:International,K ...

FS Over 50 Madame Alexander Dolls With Box01/14/15
   Over 50 Madame Alexander Dolls With Box
My mother and I have a collection of Madams Alexander Dolls and have decided to part with these select dolls: I am wi ...

FS Madame Alexander Doll Collection11/11/14
  Madame Alexander Doll Collection
I have a large collection of Madame Alexander dolls, ranging from the early 80s to the late 90s, that I am looking to se ...

FS Madame Alexander Collectors!09/25/14
  Madame Alexander Collectors!
I have recently come into a collection of over 70 Madame Alexander dolls from the late 1970s-early 1980s. All have their ...

FS Madam Alexander Little Women Series09/05/14
  Madam Alexander Little Women Series
have 50+ dolls of different nations-little women series.all with tags and boxes.To sell for best offer.--sjstac@aol.com ...

FS Vintage Madame Alexander07/09/14
  Vintage Madame Alexander
1960 MA Betty Doll only in production for 1 year. 36" tall. Excellent condition. No original box/clothing. $300 ...

FS Madame Alexander "Mary Mary" Box #075105/27/14
  Madame Alexander "Mary Mary" Box #0751
Great condition "Mary Mary" doll that has been stored in a cool, clean closet for over 35 years. It is apart of the Stor ...

FS Madame Alexander 3rd Set President Wives10/17/14
    Madame Alexander 3rd Set President Wives
Complete set in excellent condition, original boxes, original tissue, original clear plastic on heads, original cardboar ...

FS Madame Alexander Second Set President Wives10/17/14
    Madame Alexander Second Set President Wives
Complete 2nd set of President's Wives, excellent condition, still in original boxes, original tissue, heads still wrappe ...

FS Madame Alexander First Set President's Wives10/17/14
     Madame Alexander First Set President's Wives
All dolls are in excellent condition, in original boxes, with original tissue, heads still wrapped in clear plastic with ...

FS Genuine Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplet Dolls04/22/14
  Genuine Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplet Dolls
Genuine Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplet Dolls in 3 wheel bike. Excellent condition. Genuine tags on cloths. Asking $8 ...

FS Miniature Porcelain Doll By Artist Nancy Ann04/26/15
    Miniature Porcelain Doll By Artist Nancy Ann
From The House of Broel Collection For your buying consideration is this exquisitely Dollhouse Miniature Doll By Na ...

Madame Alexander Dolls Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB 8" Wuthering Heights "Cathy"05/14/15
I'm looking to buy an 8" Wuthering Heights "Cathy" from Madame Alexander's 2007 Love is in the Details collection, preferably never removed from the box. I'm willing to pay around $150-$175.

WTB Phantom Of the Opera's Christine05/19/15
Hello all! I am looking for a Madame Alexander Phantom Of The Opera's Christine #22020 MIB. If anyone has any information on where I may acquire one that would be very helpful and much appreciated! Thank you!

WTB Black Doll With Name Cynthia03/17/15
15 inch black doll to replace one that was lost. Apparently very rare. Produced in 1952? If you have one, I would like to hear from you.

WTB Want To Buy Doll(s)03/05/15
Clothing for the five 7.5 inches Dionne Quints, preferably original

WTB Want To Buy Doll(s)03/05/15
1)The Dionne Nurse Doll and/or the Dr. Dafoe Doll

2)The 13 inches tall Princess Elizabeth Doll(s)

WTB Madame Alexander Quiz-Kin 1953 Doll02/04/15
Looking for a 1953 or 1954 Madame Alexander "Quiz-Kin" doll, 8" tall in any condition. The doll I am seeking must have 2 raised buttons on her back to shake doll's head "yes" or "no". This doll is a Madame Alexander "Alexander-Kins" produced only in 1953 & 1954.

WTB Need 1957 Lissy Marme01/02/15
1957 is the first year that Madame Alexander used the 'Lissy' face for Little Women dolls. I have all the 'Lissy' Little Women (Meg, Beth, Amy and Jo) from 1957 except for Marme. I have seen a black-and-white copy of the original dolls from the catalog and it appears that Marme is wearing a dark dress with a print top and a placket edged in lace. Like the others in the 1957 collection, she has jointed elbows and knees and is wearing black sandals over her socks instead of side-snap shoes.

WTB '52 Bride 11"01/11/15
Would LOVE MA Bride with dark hair, 1952ish with pleated skirt and little rosebuds on hat of veil.

WTB Madame Alexander Dolls Wanted12/29/14
Will buy collections of 8-10" Madame Alexander dolls, loose dolls OK. Let me know what you have, condition and prices. Thanks!

WTB Madame Alexander Elise 11/22/14
I am looking for the 1959 Madame Alexander Elise Ballerina. She has a gold tutu and red hair.

WTB So Big Madame Alexander Doll11/20/14
Looking for a new or used So Big doll. Was my favorite childhood doll & would love to have one again.

WTB Wanted To Buy...Original Quintuplets Clothing 196310/29/14
I am looking for the batiste pink flowered pajamas and the flowered flannel (need 1 blue, 3 pink) pajamas made for the Original Quintuplets made in 1963 to represent the Fischer Quints.

WTB Nancy Drew Doll09/30/14
Hi, been looking for this collectible for my Nancy Drew loving wife forever. Please contact me if you have one for sale. Best regards.

WTB 8" Russian Stacking Doll07/21/14
This 8" doll comes in a hollow traditional matryoshka doll with a tiny matryoshka doll for her to hold. She is wearing an outfit that matches the big matryoshka doll.

WTB 8" Early1950s Baby Doll07/21/14
This baby doll had molded hair, open/closing eyes, came with extra outfit(s). Was a beloved toy passed on to my kids to play with and finally ended up who knows where - probably Goodwill. Please help me find a replacement.

WTB 1950's Madam Alexander Dolls 14-16"07/01/14
Looking for a red head doll in lavender dress from the very early fifties.

WTB ISO Madame Alexander Cynthia Tagged Dress06/08/14
someone out there has one...please contact me if you do have one to sell. thanks so much!

WTB Seeking Doll Body05/14/14
I am currently in need of a 14inch, hard plastic,vintage 1940s-50's, Mme. Alexander body to restore a doll that is very special to me. The doll has bent knee mechanism that is broken, but a plain straight legged body will work just fine. If you happen to have one for sale ,please contact me. Thank you for your help.

WTB Madame Alexander 8 Inch Swedish Circa 196105/11/14
I am searching for a Madame Alexander 8 inch Swedish doll from the International Collection, in the 1961 costume. Please contact me if you have one to sell.

WTB Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Outfit For 8" Doll03/29/14
Looking for a cute USA / patriotic outfit for an 8" Madame Alexander doll in perfect condition!

WTB Madame Alexander 75th Anniversary Sound Of Music S02/24/14
Wanted to buy the 75th anniversary set of Sound of Music Alexander dolls

WTB Anne Boleyn02/24/14
10" Madame Alexander Anne Boleyn doll from Showtime series

WTB Accessories For the Honeymooners01/25/14
I am need the accessories for Madame Alexander the hoenymooners. Especially the phone and duster.

WTB Cheerleader10/29/13
Wanted to buy--Madame Alexander cheerleader doll

WTB MA Queen Marie Antointte 10 Inch Cisette 4006001/11/14
I am looking for madame alexander queen marien antoinette 10 inch cissete doll numbered 40060 that was produced in 2005? she belongs to arts collection.

WTB Tudor - Anne Of Cleves12/31/13
Looking to complete set. Name your price!

WTB Madame Alexander "Felt" Edith the Lonely Doll08/30/13
I am looking to buy a Madame Alexander FELT Edith The Lonely Doll. I believe this doll is 12 inches tall. She was made for the Toy Shoppe a few years ago. She was limited to 500 dolls. I would like to buy one in Very Good to MINT Condition. If you have one to sell, please email me.

WTB Looking For Juliet's Crown, 195507/21/13
I am searching for Juliet's crown to complete a 1955, Madame alexander, Juliet's outfit.

WTB Wanted To Buy-Nancy Drew Doll08/24/13
I am looking for an original Madame Alexander Nancy Drew doll-the character, not any of her other dolls that use the face from the original Nancy Drew doll.

WTB Sugar Darlin05/13/13
Interested in purchasing Madam Alexander's Sugar Darlin baby doll.

WTB Looking For 8" International Series04/14/13
Argentine Boy #772, Bolivia #386, Ecuador #387, French #390 NOT "France", Greek Boy #769, Greek Girl #765, Swedish #792 NOT "Sweden", Greece Boy (1992-1993), Peruvian Boy (1965-1966), Scots Lass (1963), Spanish Boy (1964-1968), Switzerland (1961-1989) NOT "Swiss", U.S.A. (1993-1994) NOT "United States", Hawaiian (1966-1969) NOT "Hawaii", Amish Girl. Amish Boy. All dolls must be "bent-knee walker" or "bent-knee non-walker" body types

WTB Madame Alexander Psycho Doll04/02/13
Madame Alexander Psycho doll complete with bathtub and shower curtain, I believe made around 1998

WTB Princess Elizabeth 1937 13' Doll Dress05/08/13
Dress and cape needed for doll.

WTB Wanted-Crown For 1958 Cissy Queen Elizabeth Doll04/04/13
I am looking for the "Crown" to complete a 1958 Queen Elizabeth Cissy Doll. I would like one in Excellent condition without an significant damage or deterioration.

WTB Looks For Bent Knee Or Walker 8 Inch Dolls04/28/13
Helo, I love the old little dolls from the 50's and 60's. I can restring them myself. Please email me if you have any for sale. Thanks Julie

WTB Looking For My Childhood Doll04/28/13
I'm looking for a beloved Madame Alexander doll I had in the 50's & 60's; her name (that she came with) was Rosebud, she had blonde curls. I gave mine away when I got married 46 years ago, & I'd love to find another one. Thank you!

WTB 18" Emily, Madame Alexander03/03/13
18" Emily from Friends Boutique 2011. There are 5 or 6 dolls in this series.

WTB Madame Alexander Blossom03/22/13
Looking for Madame Alexander 8" doll named Blossom which was a limited edition made for 1-800-FLOWERS

WTB the Tudors 10" Dolls03/01/13
I need three wives that were part of a special set that were released when Showtime's series "The Tudors" was airing. There were seven total. I need Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and Anne of Cleves.

WTB Looking For M.A. 8" Doll and M.A. Figurines02/28/13
Madame Alexander 8" dolls and Madame Alexander figurines.

WTB Searching For 1970s MA Bride Doll05/12/14
My grandmother accidentally had goodwill pick my box of dolls up thinking they were old christmas decorations. I had 7 international dolls and a 14 in bride doll. Havent seen her in 31 years. Would like to find one like her. Sbe was a gift for my 12th birthday from my dad.

WTB "PUMPKIN BABY" Cryer 196702/10/13
1967 Madame Alexander, Pumpkin Baby doll. Cries, soft cloth body.

WTB Looking For Aunt March02/07/13
Hi. I am trying to find Aunt March of the Little Women Madam Alexander doll for my granddaughter. If you know of one for sale I would appreciate a heads up! Thanks Grandma Linda

WTB Wanted - Madame Alexander Nancy Drew Doll02/02/13
In 1967, the Madame Alexander doll company released the Nancy Drew doll - 2 models (#1262 & 1264) - Retail price: $10.99. It was 12 inches tall and had a rather baby-like face. There were several variations featuring a matching dress and coat (a white or beige dress) or a pink or blue two piece suit along with scarf and hair ribbons and boots. Accessories included a camera, purse, and sunglasses, and a sign, "I am Nancy Drew."

WTB WTB 1950s Dolls & Clothes Maggie,Elise,Cissy Etc01/31/13
collect 1950's hard plastic dolls for my daughter incuding Cissy.Elise,Margaret,Maggie etc. I do not collect baby dolls though, just the fashion type.Please e-mail me if you have any of these types of dolls or clothes for sale thanks

WTB 2010 Ufdc Chicago Convention Porcelain Eloise Doll01/24/13
I am looking for a mint or excellent condition, Madame Alexander Eloise doll that was presented at the 2010 ufdc Chicago convention luncheon. It features Eloise as a porcelain doll, dressed in a pink dress with pink shoes, and has her dog Weenie wearing a cap with a bee on his nose. When the bee stings, the dog barks. The title of the piece is actually, "When the bee stings...". There is also a tiny pink boa and several other Eloise memorabilia.

WTB Madame Alexander Queen Elizabeth 11- Cissy01/21/13
looking to buy one ruby and diamond bracelet that came with this doll. I am missing one bracelet. Bracelet goes over the fingerless glove. This is the 20" doll. -gold brocade gown w blue sash.

WTB Looking For 1950/1960 Baby Doll01/19/13
In 1960 I received my last doll. She was about 12in tall, soft body, molded blond hair. Doll was wearing a short frilly lace and organdy white dress, with matching bonnet, slip, pantaloons and shoes and socks. My own daughter played with and now I would like to find one like her. I do not know name of doll, but know she was not a wetter based on her clothing. If you have any idea where I can find one please contact me.

WTB Need Cisette Jointed Right Leg!01/09/13
Does anyone have a vintage in good shape right jointed leg for Cisette they'd be willing to part with (must be reasonably priced, please) - thanks!

WTB WTB 1967 Pumpkin By Madame Alexander01/03/13
looking for the 1967 baby doll Pumpkin please contact me immediatly if yu have one fo sale.

WTB MA 8" Incredible Voyage Gnome Accessory 12/31/12
Looking for gnome accessory to go with Incredible Voyage Madame Alexander 8" doll set. The gnome is 1-2" in height. Has a white beard.

Thank you.

Want to buy Madame Alexander Korean 8" doll. This is for a gift. I have a nice box and tag. Need a doll in very nice condition and doesn't need restringing. Will buy in box also.

WTB 10' Anne Boleyn11/08/12
I would like to purchase a 10" Madame Alexander Anne boleyn Doll

WTB 20912 33rd Ave. S.E.08/30/12
Want a good conditioned So Big Doll for my grandchildren, 1967 with the checkered outfit and good hair. Minor wear and tear is fine. Contact me if you have one to sell.

WTB Wanted Madame Alexander Elise Bridal Wreath Doll 07/30/12
Looking for a Madame Alexander vintage Elise bride doll dressed in the 'bridal wreath pattern' bride dress. Believe she was produced in the late fifties or early sixties. Looking for one that is MINT with everything in good shape,(veil, bouquet, necklace, earrings, ring, silver shoes, hose, etc.) Brunette hair is preferred, but will settle for other hair colors if doll is in MINT condition.

WTB Snow Whitte Prince07/08/12
Snow White Prince Madame Alexander 8 in doll new or good condition.Would be great with the box he come in.

WTB Madame Alexander Storybook Princess Doll 1950s06/26/12
This doll is about 17" tall. She had dark brown hair with a headband/tiara of some sort. She wore a red/fuscia gown and had bloomers and black shoes. I had this doll as a child given to me by my recently deceased godmother. I lost it in a fire in my parents' home in 1989.

WTB Wanted 1975 06/09/12
1975 blue victorian style dress, blonde hair, over 12 inches tall

I'm looking for a crown, shoes, ring, earrings, etc..for a Madame Alexander Cissy Queen doll. It has a golden brocade dress with blue sash, and blonde hair.

WTB Wanted: Madame Alexander Nancy Drew05/23/12
I am trying to find and purchase a MA Nancy Drew doll from 1967, either model #1262 or #1264. Can anyone please help? Much Appreciation!

I am looking to replace the rotted clothing of my mother's 1952 Madame Alexander Snow White doll. I will purchase doll and clothing, I believe it is 18" but it could be 21" - thank you!

I found one of the set of Dolls from the 1996 collection of a christmas Carol and think it is Belle she is in a christmas colors dress burfandy cape and dark brown hair any idea of the value.

WTB Fingerless Gloves For Queen Elizabeth04/13/12
hoping to find these gloves for the queen.

WTB Wanted-MA Pink Flower Girl Dated 199904/11/12
Looking to purchase.

WTB Searching For Crown For Vintage Cissette Queen Dol03/30/12
..crown for 1962 cissette queen doll.does .not have to be that year just vintage if possible

WTB Wanted Cissy,Elise,Maggie Etc Doll/clothes 1950's03/18/12
I collect 1950's hard plastic dolls for my daughter incuding Cissy.Elise,Margaret,Maggie etc. I do not collect baby dolls though, just the fashion type.Please e-mail me if you have any of these types of dolls or clothes for sale thanks

WTB Pussy Cat Doll02/20/12
Does anyone out there have a 1966 Pussy Cat Baby doll with platinum blonde hair, brown eyes and dressed in a pale pink baby dress with a pink slip and white knitted booties. She has a bonnet on that matches the dress & both have lace trim. Am searching for my daughter who received this doll for her 6th christmas. Her first husband threw all her dolls,including this one,away when they got a divorce. Needless to say, she was devastated. Help!! and thanks.

WTB Mde. Alexander,Diana,friend Of Anne Of Green Gable02/17/12
I am looking for 14 inch Diana Barry doll; She has on a lavender tea length dress,a beautiful plaid bow in dark hair, and comes with a mini tea set. She was produced around 1994-95?

WTB Madame Alexander 1959 Elise Bride Doll Wanted02/10/12
Made in 1959 a dark-haired Madame Alexander Elise Bride Doll in excellent condition. Doll's hair would be in perfect original condition. All original accessories would be with the doll. Dress and veil should be in near mint condition. Original box would be desirable, but not a must have.

WTB Want To Buy: Alexander Doll Anne Boleyn02/08/12
Looking to buy Madame Alexander 2010 Anne Boleyn 10" #52110

WTB Princess Elizabeth Crown and Shoes02/02/12
I am looking for a vintage Madame Alexander 16" Princess Elizabeth Composition doll crown and silver shoes.

WTB Vinyl Baby Doll- 1960's Wanted02/06/12
I am looking for a Madame Alexander vinyl doll that I used to own in the early 60's. She was all vinyl, short blonde hair, wearing a furry little cave girl suit that was white. I believe my mother called it Little Shaver. Thanks.

WTB Baby Brother, 14", 197701/24/12
Searching for a 1977 Baby Brother 14" brown hair/brown eyes.

WTB Little Shavers With Telephone01/21/12
I want to buy a blonde little shavers doll with pink telephone. Has on pearls, white ruffled panties, white-blonde hair and is from 1963-1965. Thank you!

WTB So Big Doll01/19/12
looking for SO BIG by Madame Alexander

WTB Looking For 1959 Lissy (Kelly) #110501/19/12
I am looking for a Lissy (Kelly) #1105 doll made in 1959. I received one as a Christmas present when I was six and wore it out actually playing with it. Now I'd like to find another one to display and relive my childhood with.

WTB So Big Doll 196701/12/12
I am looking for a doll that my daughter had as a child. Now we have granddaughters and would like to give them one.

WTB 1961-62 Kitten With White Hair- Want To Buy01/11/12
white dress, good condition, all parts in tact,original box preferred but not necessary.

WTB 1965 Limited01/07/12
I'm looking for a 1965 Polly ballerina with brown eyes and hair and also want a blue tutu. Thank you!

WTB So Big Baby Doll01/05/12
WTB Madame Alexander So Big Baby Doll that cries and coos.

WTB Lovely Cynthia Needs Her Original Dress12/02/11
Still looking for the proper dress for my beautiful Cynthia. Have had her for over 25 years...if you have her dress, please LMK. We don't need it, but it would be nice. I bought her when I was young before I knew anything about dolls. Don't want to sell her and would love her anyway. Thanks!

WTB 1946 Or 1949 Karen Ballerina11/26/11
i am looking for a 1940's madame alexander karen ballerina she is blue and gold. please contact me if you have one or know of one for sale. thank you so much.

WTB Kitten 24 Inches11/18/11
I'm looking for Kitten,a baby doll 24 inches from Madame Alexander. Only if is new and in mint conditions. I know it coud be very expensive...

WTB Madame Alexander Pussy Cat Doll11/14/11
I am looking for a soft body Madame Alexander doll made in the early 1960's with brown hair and brown eyes. I have seen pictures of the Pussy Cat doll and I believe this is the type of doll I am looking for. I had one as a child and it was given away and I have always wanted that doll back. I see them listed in different sizes and I believe the doll I am looking for is around 22". I'm not sure if there was a standard size or if this doll came in different sizes. Her eyes could close and I believe she could also cry.

WTB Looking For "John" in the Peter Pan Series 11/14/11
I am looking for John in the Peter Pan series of 8 inch Madam Alexander Dolls.

WTB Phantom Of the Opera Christine Doll11/05/11
Hello, I am looking for a Christine Doll from the Phantom of the Opera circa 1997

WTB Vintage 1959 Disney's Sleeping Beauty 9 " Doll11/05/11
I am specifically looking for the box, hang tag, Crown. I have a crown but would like one in better condition.

WTB Looking For Heidi Doll11/05/11
Madame Alexander - HEIDI Doll With Goat #42560, reasonly priced. Thank you

WTB Madame Alexander Lively Kitten 14 " Doll11/04/11
I would like as original as possible, in NEW condition, with original clothes. Box does not matter. Thank you!

WTB 1967 Pumpkin Doll10/30/11
I wish to buy a M.A. "Pumpkin" doll, made in 1967 was stolen from house when I was a child..thanks

WTB So Big 1967 Doll10/23/11
I would like to find a Madame Alexander So Big doll.

WTB Help Looking For Dionne Toddler 24 Inch05/13/14
Hello, i had as a child a 24 inch hard body Dionne toddler. My husband threw her out in a move, never got over it please if you have one let me know,

WTB Madame Alexander Pumpkin Doll09/25/11
I am looking for a 1970's Madame Alexander Pumpkin Doll. It resembles the Baby Dear, but has molded hair and blue eyes. I am not a collector. I received this doll for Christmas as a child, but in a move it was lost. I would love to find one for my granddaughter.

WTB Puerto Rican Madame Alexander Doll??09/24/11
Has anyone heard of Madame Alexander producing a Puerto Rican doll? Thank you

WTB WTB..Nancy Drew Madame Alexander09/03/11
Looking for Nancy Drew doll and accessories..Thx.

WTB 1950's Bride 09/01/11
blonde, has pearl necklace, pearl earings, bending knee..small.. maybe 10 to 14"

WTB Want To Buy Madame Alexander Teacher's Pet Doll08/16/11
From 2007 collection, number 46115. Features doll in schoolgirl uniform with messenger bag and apple. Must have all accessories.

WTB 1959 MA's Sleeping Beauty Doll's Crown08/13/11
The Crown is shaped like a head band but it is a gold colored metal with flower type attachments that have a diamond like stone in each flower. There is a gold string to tie around the head.

WTB 24" Madame Alexander Pussycat06/29/11
Am looking for the largest of the pussycat dolls. Blonde hair with blue eyes and wearing a pink outfit.

WTB WYC Cissy Doll/clothes and Other MA 50's Doll06/04/11
I collect these dolls for my daughter.Some dolls are Cissy,Wendys,Margaret,Maggie,Elise etc but she does not collect baby dolls. Please contact should you have any to sell thanks

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